Eurotech Solar Water Heater (Vacuum Tube- Heat Pipe)


Thermal tank

  • – The cylindrical tank is pressurized
  • – Internal tank: stainless steel thickness of 1.2 mm.
  • – Vacuum tubes: 1800/58 mm.
  • – All circular tank openings in which glass tubes are inserted are securely closed by means of circular stainless steel cases.
  • – Magnesium electrode to protect the tank from rust and corrosion.
  • – The sun heats the copper pipes inside the glass tubes, and in turn they heat the stainless steel cases enclosed by the tank.
  • – Which leads to heating the water inside the tank and thus we avoid the problem of the presence of water inside the glass tubes so as not to be exposed to leakage in the event of breaking any of the glass tubes.


Solar heater holder

  • – Manufactured from steel sectors and coated with an electrostatic protection layer.


Solar collectors

  • – Vacuum tubes: 1800/58 mm.
  • – Inside each glass tube is another tube, the outer is a transparent tube and the inner tube has a Highly Absorbing Coating (Selective-Coating) and the air is discharged between the two tubes.
  • – In each glass tube there is a copper pipe injected with a heating fluid implanted inside the stainless steel case to work on the heating of the stainless steel case.
  • – The solar radiation permeability coefficient of the tubes is 95%.

Heater accessories

  • – Brass relief and safety valve at the hot water outlet.
  • – Non-return and safety brass valve at cold water inlet with a diameter of ¾ inch.
  • – Ball valve ¾ inch below the tank for washing the system from dust and dirt.
  • – Electric heating element and thermostat to work in the absence of the sun.

Operating instructions

  • – The Solar heater depends on the glass tubes coated with the highly absorbent (Selective-Coating) material for the heat and sun radiation. The glass tubes heat the copper pipes inside, and in turn, they heat the stainless steel cases enclosed by the tank holes and thus heat the water inside the tank.


Advantages of Vacuum Tube- Heat Pipe

  • – Ease of maintenance, streamlining, and dismounting of the heater parts.
  • – The solar heater contains a magnesium column to protect the tank from rust and corrosion.
  • – The solar heater maintains temperatures for more than 72 hours.
  • – Availability of general spare parts with cheap price.
  • – Availability of highly trained maintenance crews.
  • – The glass tube heater has the ability to raise the water temperature super perfectly
  • – The stainless steel tank is resistant to rust and corrosion

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