Gas Water Boilers

We offer you the best hot water storage solutions with the latest American and Italian technology systems

Which depends on:

Cylindrical gas water heaters

(Equipped with different storage units).

  • It is characterized by advanced types of internal tanks made of titanium or insulated with porcelain (enamel).

  • Polyurethane insulation to maintain the temperature for the longest period and to provide energy used in the heating process.

  • Full control of water temperature.

  • Self-ignition system.

  • Triple safety valve provides the highest levels of safety

Wall water boilers (instant).

  • One of its most important advantages is to provide the customer with his needs of hot water and central heating at one time.

  • Less energy consumption.

  • Designed with a flip pump for the heating system.

  • The boiler can be adjusted via the digital display.

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