Eurotech Solar Water Heater

(Double Jacket)

Thermal tank

Double wall cylindrical compact tank.
The inner tank is insulated with enameled material to protect the tank from rust and corrosion, and the outer is electrostatic insulated in addition to the outer jacket heat exchanger that surrounds the tank./strong>
Concave shape made with deep drawing to withstand high pressures.
The tank is insulated with a thick thermal insulation layer of environmentally friendly polyurethane (40 kg / m3) to maintain the water temperature inside the tank.
The heat fluid moves between the inner tank and the outer jacket to heat the water inside the inner tank.
Magnesium electrode to protect the tank from rust and corrosion.
The outer shell of the tank is made of galvanized iron sheet coated with an electrostatic layer that is resistant to sun radiation.
All tank and collectors holes are screw threads 4/3 inch.
The Conduits are thermally insulated.
The tank is equipped with an electric heating element and a thermostat to work in the absence of the sun.
The tank contains a safety valve and vent to exit the excess pressure and also contains a water non-return.

Solar heater holder

Manufactured from steel sectors and coated with an electrostatic protection layer

Solar collectors

– Flat Plate Collector cells
– The solar collector contains parallel lifting pipes of red copper 10-15 mm wear-resistant and high thermal conductivity connected to each other by horizontal copper header pipes..

– Endothermic surface-red copper or aluminum strips and tubes coated in the blue selective-coating with a high absorption coefficient of 93-97% (blue cells). .

– The outer frame of the extruded aluminum sections.
– Thermal insulation 50 mm thick glass wool.
– The outer surface of the cell is 4 mm thick low iron oxide glass (for blue cells)
– The solar radiation transmittance coefficient of glass is 95%.
– All welds are laser or ultrasonic. 
– The solar heater holds the certificate of solar keymark.

 Pipes for connection between the tank and the cell

– Flexible stainless steel pipes, diameter 25 mm, insulated with rubber foam, thickness 9 mm, and with protection of the adhesive tape, aluminum against weather conditions.

 Heater accessories

– Brass relief and safety valve at the hot water outlet.
– Non-return and safety brass valve at cold water inlet with a diameter of ¾ inch.
– Ball valve ¾ inch below the tank for washing the system from dust and dirt.
– Electric heating element and thermostat to work in the absence of the sun.

Operating instructions

It depends on the passage of the thermal liquid between the inner tank and the outer tank – The heat exchanger (the outer jacket) – inside the solar collectors, as the thermal liquid passes through the solar cell, so its temperature rises in each passage cycle from the solar cell to the heat exchanger (outer jacket), and it heats the water inside the inner tank

Advantages of Double Jacket:

– Ease of maintenance, streamlining, and dismounting of the solar heater parts.
– The solar heater contains a magnesium column to protect the tank from rust and corrosion.
– The solar heater maintains temperatures for more than 72 hours.
– Availability of general spare parts with cheap price.
– Availability of highly trained maintenance crews.
– There are two layers of enamel insulation, which leads to double protection of the tank and the longevity of the solar heater.
– The technology used by the solar heater quickly raises temperatures, which leads to significant savings in electricity


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