Solar power stations
Avoid The coming energy crises and Achieve your self-sufficiency
Solar water heaters
The best solution for heating water with clean and renewable energy
Gas Water Boilers
Get instant hot water in the shortest period of time
Central heating
Enjoy a warm atmosphere inside your home in the cold of winter
Swimming pool boilers
A heated swimming pool all year long

Eurotech Gate is a company with a pioneering leadership in the fields of water heating , central heating and Solar energy

Eurotech Gate is a company with a pioneering leadership in the field of solar energy – solar water heaters – central gas water boilers – central heating – swimming pool boilers through the development of modern and various applications in the establishment and activation of solar energy solutions as a mean is aimed at achieving the interest of the individual in a way that does not run against to environmental systems
Why choose Eurotech as your partner for success?

The Variety of products and prices

We provide our customers with different types of technology in all fields of specialized energy and different price categories.

The Efficiency of products

Starting from the moment of contracting, we provide the best conditions available to the customer, choosing the highly efficient products at the convenient price, with the best guarantees, and we are distinguished by the speed of supply and installation.

After-sale services

We follow up with our customers on an ongoing basis after the sale to confirm the quality of the product and provide all solutions aimed at their comfort.

Free previews

The company provides visits and inspections to any site without any fees as a contribution of the company in supporting and consolidating the applications of the various fields of energy .

Guiding information for customers

For the best saving in consuming energy, we need to separate between heating water and generating electricity of the house because it is better for every consumer that the does not waste the electric energy generated by the solar cells in heating water.
The cheapest way to heat water is by using solar heaters or boilers in a separate way with out depending on the solar cells.
Eurotech strives to put all its capabilities in place to enable its clients to develop performance, build and improve businesses, and provide innovative and distinctive services that meet their specific needs.

Our customers are satisfied with our services

some opinions from our customers
I was honored to deal with your company, because you were one of the fastest people in responding and doing inspection and supply
Eng. Abdullah Saber Architect Engineer
Excellent Attitude from Eurotech, professionalism in installation and commitment in handling
Eng. Tarek Ebrahim Besiness Man
As a result of your distinctiveness in providing the best solar water heaters with the best prices, my company has dealt with you in more than one location
Eng. Khaled Ghonim Owner of a decoration and contracting company
I was happy to do business with you, especially for your characteristic in after-sale services and periodic maintenance
Eng. Ahmed Abd Ellah Contracting Engineer
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