Solar power

Technologies used in the field of solar energy

There are many advanced technologies in this field that allow maximum benefit from the sun’s energy according to the possibilities that are harnessed in the fields of industry.

First: Solar cells

Here we can directly convert the energy of the sun to the electric energy through photovoltaic transformers that collect photonic photovoltaic packages and absorb them to pass through these transformers so they come out to us through the wire in the form of electricity capable of operating the devices where the solar cells are collectors consisting of thin films of silicon. They have fine impurities that give one side of the positive charge and the other of the negative charge and it is surrounded by a front and back casing of electricity, which makes it sensitive to electrical conductivity where the electrical capacity produced for the solar cell is usually one watt. The solar cells enter in a lot of Applications of the fields of agriculture, industry, oil extraction and housing.

Second: – Heating the water

Here the water is heated by the heat of the sun and its different radiations for use in multiple purposes and it is the most natural and direct way to exploit the sun’s energy and the most economical Saving, so all we need is to direct our solar cells directly to the south until the sun plays its role in heating the water inside the tubes and reservoirs of the solar heaters, which are as much from thermal insulation so that they can maintain that heat stored inside it which is a technical as we see simple uncomplicated compared to other technologies aimed at obtaining other forms of energy as well as it is a clean energy that does not cause any damage to the environment.